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1347 Park Street #D 
Contact: Veronica Hinkley Reck
E-Mail: info@ignitionarch.com

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Ignition Architecture

Ignition Architecture is an imaginative woman-owned full-service architectural firm with 17 years of experience designing noteworthy projects throughout the Bay area and within Alameda. We are dedicated to evocative design and responsive, professional service.

We believe that good design is an integral part of real life and should be comfortable and welcoming to those who experience it. Our extensive portfolio of high-quality design work, includes remodels, additions, kitchens, restaurants, commercial, and multi-family housing projects.

Our rigorous design process arises from a collaborative search for economical and sustainable solutions that are responsive to the client’s needs and budget. Ignition Architecture ensures thoughtful design work by coordinating closely with the client throughout the process, including the construction phase.

We are well-versed in the City of Alameda building permit submittal procedures. As an Alameda firm within walking distance of City Hall we are well-positioned to provide immediate interaction with the City and be quickly available for construction site visits.